Brand New 2020 BitBuster profit maker with revolutionary logic and history analyses with fast account growing and save your account being BUSTED!
No Experience Required,
Super Easy!

Busta BitBuster is contains 5 different strategies specially created for bet safely and grow your profit easily and accurately. It's a perfect solution for everyone who are using bitcoin gambling like Bustabit. These scripts gather history of last rounds to put a bet and make sure to recover the amount if you lose a bet without risking your account balance. What you have to do is just put one of these profitable scripts and let your account grow.

These scripts are made by looking at months of round histories and analyzing data. Every script is tested more than a month to be proven. You can be 100% confidence that Busta BitBuster scripts are provable and guaranteed return your investment in a short time period.

You might be wondering these scripts won’t do any good. Sooner or later they are going to fail. Well, it does. But you will be gathered more than 10 times what you have invested to make some profit. So losing is a part of winning. We made sure that losing in lower than the profit you are making. Many man hours were destroyed to make these profitable scripts to make you profitable.

Some would ask if these are profitable as we say, why don't you use it without selling it. Of course we are still using it on our accounts and making good profits while sharing it with others. Stick to our plan to make more profit without losing every day. Prepare to be shocked! These are the real screenshots taken from our accounts. This is what our scripts can do to your accounts.

BustaBit Buster
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What is BustaBit Buster?

Busta BitBuster scripts are designed for bitcoin gambling sites such as Bustabit. There are many other websites similar bitcoin gambling sites which these scripts can be used without a problem. It works perfectly without a problem in all those similar sites. These scripts are very easy to understand and really easy to use. Imagine how profitable your account would become if you had a script like Busta BitBuster which can skip rape trains and gain more profits in a green train.

These scripts coded and developed to put your frustration, losing to an end that most gamblers face when they are gambling in Bustabit or related sites. Most powerful codes embedded in to these scripts. Months of testing have been carried out before it is publically available.

Why do you need to use BitBuster?

These scripts are working perfectly and tested many hours. We even use them and continue to do so to make profit from bustabit. We made these scripts to make sure that your account balance is safe while you are making more and more profit. BitBuster scripts will make sure that even in some point if you lose, your account is many times grown and what you have invested is recovered. Think about your account balance is doubled when you wake up in the morning. You don’t have to look in to computer screen anymore, check history anymore, be frustrated anymore. Simply put the script and be relaxed. Script will do the heavy work for you.

Why do you need to use BitBuster?

Because they don't do human errors! When did you blow your account by losing one round and trying to recover it by putting more account balance at risk? Well, we all did that. Not anymore. BustaBit Buster is available for everyone.

You have never found anything like this

There are many bustabit scripts out there to use. But they are not made with anything that BitBusters are made from. Not many months of analyzing past data, taking hash codes and generating thousands of data to create ultimate logic to make sure that everyone who use it gets profit without blowing their accounts. We always tried to do our best not blow someone’s account by using these scripts. We would like you to take these worthy scripts and make profit on bustabit. All the work you should do is done by us. You don’t have to do anything other than putting the script to your account and make more profit every day. You don’t have to worry again thinking that whether you ever make anything out of bustabit site.

Is this the freedom you are looking for?

Is this the freedom you are looking for?

Have you noticed by looking at the leader board, only few of the players have a positive balance? all of others are losing everything while millions of bits won by the site owner? Where gambling is, this is a common thing. Because we do HUMAN ERRORS! So what are human mistakes? According to Wikipedia it’s “A person intends to carry out an action, the action is appropriate, carries it out incorrectly, and the desired goal is not achieved”. But according to us it’s

  • Frustration

  • Fear

  • Tiredness

  • Get Rich Quick Mind

  • Bad decisions

  • Stupidity

If you can overcome these, you will be a better gambler. But automated scripts won’t do anything like these. They execute without human errors. So what is the outcome? Minimum losing and More PROFIT!

Best thing is you don’t need to learn or analyze anything. Even you don’t have to put a bet. Only thing you have to do is put the script and let the script run 24/7. But you have stick to our plan every day. All the months of learning, all the experience and knowledge of our team is behind the code of this incredible BitBuster scripts. And you don't have to go through months of trial runs. You can simply follow our instructions and make profit.

This will change your bets right away

By using BustaBit Buster scripts you will be able to grow your account within few hours. There are many scripts we are developing currently. Most promising scripts are available to everyone now. Each of them works differently when executed. All scripts are tested and guaranteed income. Each of the scripts has ability to gather more profit quickly or slowly. It's up to you to decide what the suited one for you. We will guide you to find what is the best match for you.

How BitBuster is different from other scripts?

That is a really good question. First of all, we know that there are many scripts available to use. But what they do is just put bets and recover it by betting until your account is being zero. Think like this, there is a popular script use 1.33X multiplier. Which means every time you lose a bet, next bet will be 3 times bigger than your last bet. Count how many bets you can do before your account is blown. We have that script do the same thing EXCEPT the last part "Blowing your account anytime soon". As mentioned earlier we put many hours and hours to analyze how everything work before creating every script and added those analyzes to the script to be perfectly safe and profitable. It will give you amazing results! You don't need to be an expert to use it. It has been designed so that even your little kid can use it and make profit for you. It's super easy and super profitable!

Search for perfect script ends here

We are in a busy life style. We don’t have time to stare at the computer screen every minute, yet we want to make more money. We may not have enough time to analyze everything, put together all the energy you have to do gambling and win. But we have more bills to cover and pay.

It's time you stop searching for the perfect script all over the internet. You are in the right place. YOU FOUND IT! It is the perfect and most reliable script you can find in the internet. There are no such scripts that can match what BitBuster can do. It is made for people like you and me to make more profit while not spending every minute doing betting.

Freedom, YES Financial Freedom!

We are racing continuously to be rich. Everyone wants to be rich but they don’t know how to do it. Do you know only 5% of world’s population have made millions of money and half of the money world has divided among them? Ridiculous right? If we plan our moves properly, we can be in that 5% really soon. Everyone who use BitBuster scripts are already started making more money after endless searching for a best working script. BitBuster gives you total peace of mind, rest, and more time to pursue your every dream. It will help you become free. You may be away from the computer, mobile devices. We want your life to be easy and enjoyable, which is the main reason why we built BustaBit Buster.

Freedom, YES Financial Freedom!
BustaBit Buster
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Where you can you use BitBuster?

BitBuster scripts are usable in most bitcoin gambling sites such as busatabit, csgocrash and similar sites. We made these profitable scripts work perfectly without bugs on those sites. The best thing is scripts are fully customizable. This is why we need everything to be simple. If things are more complicated, it's really hard to be maintained and understood. So, strap in your seatbelts as you are up for the ride of a lifetime!!

Here is all you need to know

You will find this easy installation guide video to put your preferred script to your account. It's just like 1,2,3. No need of any expert knowledge. Everyone can do it with zero knowledge. These are the steps you should do.

Where you can you use BitBuster

Truly amazing thing is all the hard work you should do is now done by our scripts. They are the ultimate outcome of analyzing thousands of data and putting that knowledge in to a small coding program.

5 Types of Scripts

As mentioned earlier we have many scripts available for you. Some are fast. Some are slow. All the things you should know are mentioned clearly when you check all 5 scripts. Every script is meant to make you more profit while risking smaller portions of your account and not risking your account.

When Can I start making profit with Bitbuster?

Simple answer is "Right away". There is no time to waste. Just take the script and put it as instructed and watch your account grow and grow. Your balance will be bigger every day. Unlike those losers, you will be a winner. One of the few who has a positive balance. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to achieve all your short and long term financial goals with BitBuster, that vacation you have been dreaming about is finally going to happen. So, use this opportunity right now and let that brand new dream life start right now!

Freedom, YES Financial Freedom!

Be Successful! Be Free

You know who is the real winner in every gambling site is. It's the owner. There is a famous saying "It's Gambling so, House always wins". But not anymore, you are going to be a winner just like the "House". It is possible and proven. You don’t have to worry anymore. There is always loser who make mistakes, who are unfortunate and stupid. But you are not one of them. You are here because you are going to make a good decision. You are going to be a winner in that swarm of losers. Every day you will thank BitBuster while smiling and thinking why you didn’t find BitBuster earlier. We know you are ready to take this to the next level. Don't wait and late to take this life time opportunity.

Have you seen those screenshots we have posted here? They are real accounts testing these scripts every day. They still make profits for us for months. Before releasing a script, we do months of testing to adjust it and prove that it can make profits without losing. Every image above is from accounts we tested everyday up to today. Don’t be afraid to lose if you are making more than losing. What we are giving you is a holy grail of gambling.

Only Few Copies of This Script Available for Buying

Why? Because if everyone starts to make profit the system will adjust to bust you more and more. We can’t risk that. So we are giving only few copies whoever wants to make so good profit without losing money anymore. We continue to upgrade our scripts to make them better. That is a promise. But nonetheless, if any questions arise, we will be more than happy to help you. We catch up with emails every day, so it won't take long until you get a detailed reply from us. We absolutely confident that you are going to love Super Profit Scalper and the results it will give you.

BustaBit Buster
Click Here To Download Bustabit Buster System

BustaBit Buster Benefits

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to understand

  • Perfect for anyone who has zero knowledge

  • High reliable and accurate

  • Super easy to use. Even a kid can start making profit with it

  • No thinking required

  • No analyzing required. Just run the script

  • No experience is needed

  • Saves you a lot of time

  • No stress, anxiety, fear, frustration

  • Financial freedom forever

What more you would get with the script?

  1. Important - Step by stem guide to stay profitable, even you lose a whole account daily

  2. 24/7 Technical support

  3. More Upgrades for your script free

  4. Help and support on installing the script

What more you would get with the script


Bustabit Buster
Bustabit Buster
Bustabit Buster
Bustabit Buster
Bustabit Buster


Bustabit Buster
Bustabit Buster

What Customers Say About Bustabit Buster

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BustaBit Buster
Click Here To Download Bustabit Buster System

FAQ - Find Your Question here

What is the best script for me?

  • That depends on the account balance you have and how quick you want to grow your account

How much do I want to start using the script?

  • We say at least 10$ (approx 10000bits)

What do I need to start using BustaBit Buster?

  • You need a computer, Internet connection, Web Browser and most importantly one of our script

How much longer it would take to twice my account?

  • Depends. There are slow earners more safety, high earners little risky. That we would say 6 hours to 24 hours in some scripts and about 3 days in some scripts

If my account loses before make profits?

  • It won’t. Stick to the instruction we give after you get the script

How do I get the script?

  • Instant download link will be provided

Script is not working after installation?

  • They are working. Don’t worry about that. If you have a problem, let us know we will be happy to help

Is installation free?

  • Of course we can install the script for you

How do I run the script 24 hours?

  • You have to keep your computer on or buy a VPS (cheapest is 4$ a month)

Are there any upgrades?

  • Of course. We are continually developing our scripts and they are free for our customers

Do you provide future support?

  • Of course 24/7 we are here for you.

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***Custom Scripting is a service that allows our clients to request custom coded scripts for their own strategies and methods.
The Custom Coding Package Includes:
  • All Standard Package Scripts.
  • Up to 3 Custom Scripts per Licence.
  • Supports Bustabit v1, v2, Bustadice.
  • 24/7 Premium Support.
  • Lifetime updates and patches for custom coded scripts.


In any market wherever a possible for profit exists, there exists additionally a risk of loss. None of info|the knowledge|the data} on third candle mercantilism software package methodology nor any info or education provided to the consumer by any suggests that assures that the consumer can create cash within the Bitcoin Gambling.

The information contained during this document doesn't represent investment recommendation. i will be able to not settle for liability for any loss or injury, as well as while not limitation to, any loss of profit, which can arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such info. information..


Hypothetical performance results have several inherent limitations. No illustration is being created that any account can or is probably going to realize profits or losses kind of like those inferred or shown. There area unit ofttimes sharp variations between theoretic performance results & the particular results afterwards achieved by a selected mercantilism program. one among the constraints of theoretic performance results is that they area unit typically ready with the good thing about hind sight. additionally, theoretic mercantilism doesn't involve monetary risk & no theoretic mercantilism record will fully account for the impact of monetary risk in actual mercantilism. the flexibility to face up to losses or adhere to a selected mercantilism program in spite of mercantilism losses area unit material points which may adversely have an effect on actual mercantilism results. There area unit several alternative factors associated with the markets normally or to the implementation of a particular mercantilism program that can not be absolutely accounted for within the reparation of theoretic performance results – all of which may adversely have an effect on actual mercantilism results.